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Barcelona-based event where entrepreneurs, C-levels and investors meet and learn. The underground startup scene gives you the chance to engage with new contacts in no less than 4 networking sessions during the day (7 hours).

Try the latest technologies in our innovation lab from cutting-edge European startups and corporations. Develop your skills during our practical workshops & get tips instantly from industry leaders during our panel talks.

Our event is set in a casual atmosphere with a subtle mix of talks from top experts, an early stage startups contest, innovative corporation presentations and networking sessions.

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Head of Growth Southern Europe @Pinterest
Mathilde Jais
Senior Director, Account Strategy MidMarket Europe @Criteo
Laure Sauteraud
Principal @Samaipata
Sebastián Fernández-Medrano
Innovation Hub Director @FC Barcelona
Albert Mundet
Head of Digital Marketing @GoDaddy
Clara Avila
VP - Business Development Director @Mastercard
Alejandro Banegas
Head of Innovation @Vueling
Simone Van Neerven
Marketing Director Southern Europe @Marriott International
Yamil Errasti
Marta Pinho
Investment Manager @Amadeus
Marta Pinho
Head of Strategy @Telefonica
Victor Deutsch
Co-Founder @ADA Convergent Marketing® Creator
Massimiliano Brigida
CEO @Gocase
Leonardo Caracas
Head of Digital Growth @Travelperk
Jake Stainer
New Business & Innovation Manager @ASICS
Daniel Dumig
Head of Social Media @Wall Street English
Caridad González
COO @OneRagTime
Josep Solé
Global Digital Director @Havas Media
Alejandra Larequi
COO @Carts Guru
Tim Cakir
CMO @RedPoints
Baxter Denney
Alexian Chiavegato
CMO @Marfeel
Alexian Chiavegato
CEO @Kasaz
Sebastien Marion